Organic Search Accounts for almost half of Website visits

It’s always interesting to look at statistics related to traffic to websites, as they can give SEO marketers food for thought and an insight into what they need to do to boost traffic rates.

According to a new study from SEO analytics company Conductor, almost half of all visits to websites come from organic search. The study looked at more than 310 million visits to 30 large company websites over a period of 12 months. Researchers examined the sources of these visits and concluded that organic search, which shows the natural search engine results, accounted for 47% of all traffic – by far the largest proportion when compared to other categories.

Direct visits emerged as the second most valuable source of traffic, at 29%. This means that more than a quarter of all visits started with users typing the website domain location in the address bar. Referral visits, or traffic directed to the website from other pages, came next with 15% of traffic. Meanwhile, paid search from PPC ads in search results accounted for just 6% of all traffic, whereas social media search led to 2% of visits, Conductor found.

The researchers noted that there were a couple of things that need to be taken into account when interpreting the results. First of all, the websites monitored all belonged to large companies. With smaller businesses it could be expected that the share of social media visits will be larger. In addition, these figures were an overall average and differed among the six industries included in the sample.

Originally posted by UK Marketing Network on 5th August 2013