Corporate Logo and Branding

Corporate Logo & Branding

Like it or not, customers will form their first opinion of you from your logo or product branding.

As experienced graphic designers, we take great care to create a logo or branding design that suits the image you wish to portray for your company or product.

We believe that your corporate logo design should not only be attractive, but really work for you. Whatever the graphic design style, consideration is taken to achieve a logo image that is as future proof as possible. Ensuring compatibility for press advertising, sales literature, point of sale and exhibition display, as well as your stationery, all taken into account at the branding design stage. Not as afterthoughts!

As graphic designers in Leicestershire for over twenty years, our experience in the design, launch or re-style of corporate identities and product branding has spanned many local and national industries, including computer and software development, health and safety, education, travel and leisure, transport, construction, and many more.